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TGV - pociągiem przez Europę
Paryż kolejową stolicą Europy
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Bernina Express - koleją panoramiczna przez Szwajcarię
Bernina Express - szwajcarskie passy
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Frecciargento - szybka kolej we Włoszech
Frecciargento: Italian high speed train
In Italy there are so many enchanting places that it is worth to visit the country more than once. How to do it? Use the Italian high speed trains. If time is short for you and you value comfort choose to go by high speed trains...
Frecciargento - szybka kolej we Włoszech
Frecciabianca: Italian high speed train
The Italian trains belong to the most modern ones in the world. The Italians possess one of the fastest high speed trains (Japan or France alike) ahead of Germans, for example. Travel by Italian trains is pleasant. The trains are safe, clean and punctual. The staff is client-oriented and friendly towards the foreigners (conductors and cashiers usually speak English).
Frecciargento - szybka kolej we Włoszech
Frecciarossa: Italian high speed train
You may come across many cheap flights to Milan, Bologna or Rome that fail to reach your indicated destination. You may rent a car at the airport and continue your journey or commute across the country. However, there are people who wish to sightsee alternatively and renting a car is beyond their reach. Go by the Italian train.
ICE - pociagi dużych prędkości w Niemczech
ICE: High speed trains in Germany
29th of May 1991 a new era of ICE trains was commissioned in Germany. On that day the high speed services left from Hamburg, Munich, Stuttgart, Mainz and Bonn and met at the Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe railway station. On the 2nd of June 1991 regular runs were launched connecting Hamburg Altona - Hannover-Munich.
TGV - tanie bilety kolejowe
TGV: High speed trains in France
An article is being translated - see the original one on our polish domain EuroPodroze!
TGV - pociągiem przez Europę
Paris - Capital of trains
France was the first country to introduce the high speed trains. Contemporary, TGV (Train a Grande Vitesse) is the most recognisable make of the high speed trains in Europe. They represent modernity, speed, comfort and civilization success. The TGV network in France covers 2 thousand kilometers of high speed trains connections.
TGV - pociągiem przez Francję
Spain by train! Spainish rail carriers
The travels to Spain are fast and comfortable thanks to the high speed trains. It is the best and the fastest way to commute among the greatest cities of the country. To travel in Spain you may choose to travel on extremely fast trains.
AVE - pociągiem przez Hiszpanię
Eurostar: discover Europe by train!
An article is being translated - see the original one on our polish domain EuroPodroze!
Nocny pociąg po Europie
Night Trains in Europe: overnight travels
Each journey is an incredible experience, memory, but also expenses that each travel lover has to cover. Surprise! You may travel across Europe for little money. Convenient are the night trains. Apart from the comfort that travelers value on night trains you save time and what's more important the money.
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