Thalys: Paris - Amsterdam - Brussels - Cologne

Weekend Eurotrip in four countries

TGV - by train across Europe
Paris is the railway capital of Europe
Bernina Express - panoramic railway through Switzerland
Bernina Express - Swiss routes
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TGV French trains

Paris – European train capital

France was the first country to introduce the high speed trains. TGV (Train a Grande Vitesse) nowadays is the most recognisable fast trains brand in Europe. They represent modernity, speed, comfort and civilization success.
Spain - railway trip

AVE – across Spain by train

Thanks to high-speed trains you may travel in comfort and fast. It is the best and the most comfortable way to travel among the biggest cities in the country. To travel across Spain, the traveler may go by the high-speed trains.
Frecciarossa - Italian high-speed train

Frecciarossa – fast trains in Italy

The fastest and the most comfortable trains in Italy are the Frecciarossa trains (that is the red arrow). The ETR500 services - beautifully designed - run as fast as 260 km/h. The Rome - Milan journey takes 3 hours and 25 minutes.
Frecciagento - Italian high-speed train

Frecciargento – Italian high-speed railway

Italy is a such a beautiful place, therefore it is the best to visit it more than once. How can it be done? The best way to do that is to take the high-speed trains. Frecciargento trains running at 250 km/h. They run among Venice and Verona to Rome, Bari and Reggio di Calabria.
Frecciabianca - Italian high-speed train

Frecciabianca – Italian fast trains

The Italian railway belongs to the most modern ones in Europe. The Italians possess one of the fastest high-speed railway. Frecciabianca means a white arrow. These are fast trains running along the popular routes. The trains run as fast as 200 km/h and connect
Eurostar tickets online

Eurostar – Train to Paris, London or Brussels?

Travelling across Europe is enabled thanks to a variety of carriers. One of the well known fast trains services is Eurostar. It connects the United Kingdom with Europe thanks to so called Eurotunnel under the English Channel.
Train connection in Germany

ICE – The new train age in Germany

The seventh - in terms of the area occupied - Germany is the largest country in Europe. Fortunately, to travel among the German cities is not that complicated. The most comfortable and the fastest means of transport in Germany is a train. It is the second after France country, where they introduced fast trains. The ICE trains are the most modern in Europe - they run as fast as 300 km/h.
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