Thalys: Paris - Amsterdam - Brussels - Cologne

Weekend Eurotrip in four countries

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TGV - by train across Europe
Paris is the railway capital of Europe
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Bernina Express - panoramic railway through Switzerland
Bernina Express - Swiss routes
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How to travel safely by train during the covid-19 pandemic

How to travel safely during the COVID-19 pandemic

Travel safety is an extremely topical topic. We will help you plan safe rail travel.
 return of the PKP ticket

Manage your bookings all on your own

Convenience in is imporatnat for us - try the Client Zone. The booked travels view, purchase, exchange and ticket return possibility always at your hand on your smart device. Be mobile and travel with
pendolino train

Why Discover our advantages

The increasing mobility as well as the increasing train passenger awareness challenge us with new client service tasks. Passengers accustomed to European quality and modern solutions granted by the abroad train travels, expect them in Poland as well, when purchasing train tickets and deciding on modern Intercity or Pendolino fast trains travels. The answer for these is, where a passenger and the service quality - always come first.
Polish mountains by train

Mountain towns you can reach by train!

Winter and approaching winter holiday encourage you to plan your ski holiday. Wherever you go, remember that on the train you do not have worry about the luggage weight, and the outstanding railway communication among the mountainous towns encourage you to discover new slops! In that in mind we have prepared the list of destinations and resorts for your ski season that you may reach by train!
Train to Krakow

Weekend in Cracow

Cracow, undoubtedly, has been considered the most enchanting city in Poland. Long and valuable history of the Polish Kings City may be seen in almost every corner of the Old City. One- or two-day walk seems the perfect way to visit the city.
Train Pendolino

By train to the sea! Check where you could go by train

What comes to your mind first when you think of travelling to the sea? Relax, for sure! Since the moment that Pendolino connections has been established the travel time has shortened, considerably, and a short leisure by the sea may be a great idea weekend holiday! Check, which trains will take to the sea towns and cities!
Pendolino train tickets

Railways speeds in the right direction

The growing mobility and higher and higher demands assign new challenges in the customer service field, who being accustomed to European standards expects them also in Poland. The answer to all of that is EuroPodruże website, where a customer and the service quality are always the most important. European quality becomes visible on Polish routes.
Thalys - train tickets online

Weekend Eurotrip across four countries
Thalys train - from capital to capital

The European carriers offer a variety of attractive services. However, it all depends on how much money would a traveller wish to spend. Yet, you may visit the European countries without spending a fortune.
Golden Pass Express

Swiss Panoramic Trains – GoldenPass

The panoramic trains are one of the ways to visit Switzerland. You may watch the Alpine passes, glaciers, picturesque villages, river gorges, the ski resorts on your way. To make the golden travel across Switzerland come true you have to use the Golden Pass Express offer.
The chocolate train

Sweet train journey

Familiarize yourself with the sweet part of the Switzerland! The Chocolate Train runs between Montreux and the Cailler-Nestle chocolate factory in Broc. You cannot visit Switzerland and not to taste the country’s greatest speciality - the chocolate. The panoramic rail and Train du chocolat in particular - is a complete must on your visit in Switzerland. It is not only for the true chocolate lovers.
Pre-Alpine Express - tickets online

Visiting Switzerland by the panoramic train
Swiss panoramic railway - Pre-Alpine Express

Switzerland does not always have to be associated with above 4000 m tall peaks and deep, steep ravines. It also has the beautiful, milder face of the country that is worth visiting. You may board the panoramic train. The Pre-Alpine train does not travel through the mountains but runs along their slopes and planes. Hence the name - the Pre-Alpine Express.
TGV French trains

Paris – European train capital

France was the first country to introduce the high speed trains. TGV (Train a Grande Vitesse) nowadays is the most recognisable fast trains brand in Europe. They represent modernity, speed, comfort and civilization success.
Intercité de Nuit - tickets online

Night trains across Europe

Each journey means experiences, memories, but also costs that a travel lover has to cover. Surprise! You may travel across Europe paying little. The convenient way of travelling are the night trains. Travelling during the night hours, you can save a day that you do not have to spend on the board. Additionally, you don’t have to pay for the hotel - travelling both ways saves you two night at the hotel.
Glacier Express - Panoramic railway across the Alps

Glacier Express – Panoramic railway across the Alps

Travelling by the Glacier Express is one of the most beautiful railway route on the planet. Undoubtedly, there are faster means of transport than the Glacier Express (top speed is 40 km/h), however, nothing equals to the experience provided by the ride. The panoramic train travels through the Alps, often called the slowest one in the world, lasts almost 8 hours.
Spain - railway trip

AVE – across Spain by train

Thanks to high-speed trains you may travel in comfort and fast. It is the best and the most comfortable way to travel among the biggest cities in the country. To travel across Spain, the traveler may go by the high-speed trains.
Frecciarossa - Italian high-speed train

Frecciarossa – fast trains in Italy

The fastest and the most comfortable trains in Italy are the Frecciarossa trains (that is the red arrow). The ETR500 services - beautifully designed - run as fast as 260 km/h. The Rome - Milan journey takes 3 hours and 25 minutes.
Frecciagento - Italian high-speed train

Frecciargento – Italian high-speed railway

Italy is a such a beautiful place, therefore it is the best to visit it more than once. How can it be done? The best way to do that is to take the high-speed trains. Frecciargento trains running at 250 km/h. They run among Venice and Verona to Rome, Bari and Reggio di Calabria.
Frecciabianca - Italian high-speed train

Frecciabianca – Italian fast trains

The Italian railway belongs to the most modern ones in Europe. The Italians possess one of the fastest high-speed railway. Frecciabianca means a white arrow. These are fast trains running along the popular routes. The trains run as fast as 200 km/h and connect
Eurostar tickets online

Eurostar – Train to Paris, London or Brussels?

Travelling across Europe is enabled thanks to a variety of carriers. One of the well known fast trains services is Eurostar. It connects the United Kingdom with Europe thanks to so called Eurotunnel under the English Channel.
Swiss panoramic railway

Cheese Train – a cheese trip by the panoramic rail

Travelers coming to Switzerland may discover some of its traditional mysteries by traveling on the Cheese Train from Montreux or Zweisimmen to Château-d’Oex past the enchanting Geneva Lake. It is the cuisine journey through the picturesque landscapes and the Alpine culture.
Bernina Express - train ticket

Bernina Express – Swiss passes

Intriguing proposal for the travel lovers, far from the most visited tourist lines, by the panoramic train. This is for those who wish to experience unusual and fascinating adventure, and enjoy the most charmful views at the same time. It is the Bernina Express, a panoramic train running along the most picturesque route of the continent.
Danube capitals with PolishTrains

Danube capitals by train!

The three perfectly connected European cities sharing history and culture heritage and the blue Danube running through all of them. Choosing a train you may stay on it as long as you wish as well as visit the cities in any order!
What to see in Vienna

Best of Vienna in 4 hours

Incredible tourist attractions, impressive cultural options as well as the small cafeterias atmosphere make Vienna the beloved place to be, worldwide. The historical city centre, entered into the world heritage UNESCO list, enchants the visitors with any epoch historical buildings. Due to that richness, Vienna belongs to the most frequented cities in Europe. The meandering Danube river invites to go for long walks. We propose 5-hour long sightseeing trip.
What to see in Budapest

One day in Budapest: trip guide

Situated on the Danube, the capital of Hungary, is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Budapest is in a natural way divided into two parts. Buda is a hilly green area. Its most important place is the Royal Castle, with its walls offering a magnificent view of the low-lying Pest and its numerous monuments. The proposed route is a 4-hour walk around the city.
 Bratislava - guide

Walking route in Bratislava

It is the only capital in the world that borders with two countries - Austria and Hungary. Despite its capital role, Bratislava is an extremely intimate city. For many years touristy unappreciated has a lot to offer to all lovers of monuments, culture and Slovak beer.
Train connection in Germany

ICE – The new train age in Germany

The seventh - in terms of the area occupied - Germany is the largest country in Europe. Fortunately, to travel among the German cities is not that complicated. The most comfortable and the fastest means of transport in Germany is a train. It is the second after France country, where they introduced fast trains. The ICE trains are the most modern in Europe - they run as fast as 300 km/h.
Plan or train?

Plane or train? 8 reasons for train travel

Why to build the railways and travel by train when you can travel by plane? Is the plane the easiest and the fastest means of transport? The answer to those questions seem obvious. Follow the explanations below.
Train tickets - types, classes and tariffs

One way ticket? – types, classes and tariffs

Fast trains as well as other means of transport offer their own types of tickets, classes and tariffs. In case you have chosen the fast train you should know what type of train ticket to choose and when to book your dream travel tickets conveniently.
Interrail –  train tickets online

Interrail pass – feel the freedom to travel

Contemporary Europe is entwined with a network of modern railway connections that reach over 20,000 cities. No surprise that the Interrail ticket has been introduced for the European Union citizens as well as the partner countries. What is Interrail? It is a ticket allowing to travel limitlessly throughout 30 European centuries
Train travel with kids

Travel by train with children

Most of the fast train facilitate special conveniences for parents that travel with children. Nowadays, the travel may be associated with pleasure for a child, and most importantly - for a parent.
What to see in Poland

Polish cities you have to visit in Poland!
How to travel by train in Poland?

Polish towns and cities may as well be your holiday destination or weekend trip. Multitudes of monuments, interesting history as well as richness of architecture are the reasons for such cities like Warsaw, Cracow, Wroclaw, or Gdansk to be a must on every tourist list. Which Polish cities are the most adored by tourists and how to get there?
Polish railways and tickets online

Discover Poland by train!
How to travel in Poland

Polish tourist attractions are known all over the world. Making a decision of coming to Poland, it’s worth to see as much as possible and spend the time in the most efficient way. The ever improving quality of the polish railways and attractive ticket prices make the train an ideal way of travelling around the whole country.
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