Eurostar - tickets onlineEurostar is one of the most popular high-speed trains in Europe. It owes its fame to the fact that it connects Great Britain with mainland Europe thanks to the passage via Eurotunel under the English Channel. The passengers value traveling by Eurostar because it is the fastest way of getting from London to Paris and to Brussels.

With Eurostar you can travel form London city center to Paris city center in only 2 hours and 15minutes and to Brussels in 2 hours. Moreover the train offers connections from London to Disneyland – thanks to incredible high-speed of the transport the trip from London to Disneyland and back can be made in one day. Eurostar ensures high standards of the journey – the travel by that modern trains is available at various fares that are financially suited for all types of passengers.

Travel by Eurostar is so popular due to the fact that it is affordable and allows customers to save time and money. Purchasing ticket early enough (around 3 months before the travel) you can pay for the train trip much less than for a plane ticket, even the one of a low-cost airlines.. What is more the trains depart from the central London and stop also in city centers, for example at Gare du Nord station in Paris which makes the journey faster as passengers do not have to waste the time on getting form and to the airports that are usually outside cities. While traveling by train passengers can save costs involved in transport form and to airports. Another advantage of travel by train is baggage allowance that is much more generous than the one offered by airlines.

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Business class offers the highest standard of travel – for business class passengers there is a dedicated fast line to check-in at the station that is closed only 10 minutes before the train departure. There are also exclusive lounges available at some stations. The seats in the business class compartment are wide and comfortable with additional space for the legs. The meals are served on porcelain, there are also free newspapers and air conditioning.

Eurostar - Train tickets online

First class travelers can check-in at the station not later than 30 minutes before departure. The seats are reclinable and have tables, power sockets and there is air conditioning. The light meals and newspapers are offered on all routings.

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The check-in at the station not later than 30 minutes before departure, paid Wi-Fi connection in the wait rooms at Eurostar stations, carriages with air conditioning and the possibility of using buffet in the restaurant coach.

Eurostar train tickets online

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