Zielona Gora ticket onlineZielona Góra is one of the most beautifully located city in Poland. The picturesque mountains in the river valley make natural frame of the city. Zielona Góra history riches the Middle Ages, when it was erected by the Flandrian and German settlers. The name was adopted after the small settlement and comes from the vast wildlife surrounding it, that is the Zielona Góra forests (hence the Green Mountain). The Zielona Góra history is well documented by the historical buildings. It is worth to add that the Second World War was extremely mild for the city causing it almost no damages leaving the earlier architecture untouched. The Zielona Góra heart is the Old Town that comes from the XIV century and was the main trade centre of the city. In the XV century the Town Hall with significant, slightly tilted tower was erected. The oldest building in the city is the XII century st. Jadwiga cathedral. While walking along the Old City it is worth to see the Hunger Tower (Wieża Łaziebna) that used to be the part of the city gate and was the prison in the past. Interestingly, the local hugs were kept there. The pinnacle of the old town visit may be the Winny Park and the Palm House that houses the stylish restaurant with tables located among the tropical wildlife. From the terrace you may enjoy the Zielona Góra view over the vineyard commemorating the wine production tradition throughout the centuries. They are also connected with the annual event, the September grape-picking as well as the numerous Bacchus sculptures scattered in the city. The sculptures trace the theme route that allows you to sightsee the city and its historical buildings. Zielona Góra has also been known for its artistic offer. It holds such events like the Russian Song Festival, International Guitar Festival, Bacchanalia Fantasy Fest and Oblicza Tradycji International Folklore Festival.

By train to Zielona Góra

The Main Zielona Góra train station is located in the centre of the city and is the largest railway station in Zielona Góra. The station services the PKP and local connections. To Zielona Góra you may travel from Katowice, Gdynia, Cracow, Wroclaw and Warsaw, among others. The station also services the international connections from Berlin and Budapest. 

Train ticket to Zielona Góra

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The most popular attractions in Zielona Gora
  • Old Town
  • The Old Town Hall
  • The Hunger Tower
  • Winny Park
  • Palm House
Railway stations in Zielona Gora:

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