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Seville - train ticketsThe capital of Andalusia. The fourth large city in Spain connected to the Atlantic Ocean by the channels. It is considered the Andalusian capital of „flamenco” folklore and corrida. Interesting cultural events and extraordinary people enriches the city panorama. Nowadays, the government offices and the Andalusian province is located there. The modern suburbs contrast extremely with the aged Old City districts, like Santa Cruz or Triana. Seville is famous for its great number of orange trees blooming, particularly, in Spring. Visiting the city at that time is worth the smell. Among the historical building the St. Virgin Mary cathedral dated XV century and the XII century over 104 meters high Girlanda minaret situated in the vicinity of the cathedral, designed to ride in by a horse are worth visiting. Those two buildings enchant with their beauty and symbolise the extraordinary history of the city.

The Seville most popular attractions:
  • Alkazar Palace
  • Bullfighting arena
  • Giralda
  • Spanish Square
  • Torre del Oro
  • Santa Cruz District
  • La Macarena Basilica
Railway stations in Seville:

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