Eger -train ticketsIt is the Middle-aged town known for the curative water sources, monuments and numerous vineyards. It is extremely popular among Polish tourists due to the thermal swimming pools located in the park in the town centre. Among the Eger tourist attraction the numerous landmarks are worth mentioning such as Baroque Church of the Minorities considered the most beautiful Baroque landmark in Hungary and the king Bela castle from the XIII century that contemporary hosts paintings gallery and a museum. Eger history is long and interesting connected with the Turkish expansion within Hungarian area. 40-meter high minaret is to certify over a hundred Turkish reign and traces the spot where a mosque was erected in the past. Form the minaret tower spreads the magnificent view over the area, and the legend says that you could ride it up by horse. However, the most attractive sight of Eger is located outside the town. This is the Valley of the Beautiful Woman; a complete must of every stay in Eger, where in natural cellars the best Hungarian wines mature like, Muscat or red Egri Bikaver and later in the evening you may enjoy the Hungarian Csárdás dances.

Train to Eger

The train station serves 31 Eger – Budapest trains every day providing frequent and convenient connections with the capital of Hungary. To Budapest you may go by train from Poland; from Cracow, Katowice or Warsaw.

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The most popular attractions in Eger:
  • Thermal Swimming Pools
  • The Valley of the Beautiful Woman
  • The Castle
  • Minaret
  • The Minorite Church
  • The Eger Basilica
Railway stations in Eger:

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