Malmo - train ticketsMalmo – a city and a seaport in the southern part of Sweden. It is Szczecin partner city and an important commercial, and science and education centre. Malmo isn’t a typical city. As it does not have a typical old town. The historic buildings are spread all over the area. The most significant are research institutes as well as schools. The showpiece of the old town is its town hall – Radhuset, the new town showpiece, on the other hand, is Turning Torso – a block of flats. Malmo hosts five beautiful beaches. The most popular one is the three kilometre long Ribersborg sandy beach in the city centre. The attractive architecture that you cannot skip while in Malmo is the Oresund Bridge. This is a unique building in Europe connecting Zealand with Sweden – it is 8 km long and hangs 70 m above the water surface. Every year, by the end of August, Malmo hosts the Malmo Festival that lasts 8 days. The event presents a variety of concert with variety types of music. There are also an art gallery Konsthall, theatres and an opera.

Train to Malmo

The Malmo railway station is the third large station in Sweden. It provides regional connections to Angelholm, Kristianstad or Kalmar. It also holds long-run trains to Stockholm, Goteborg, Berlin and Copenhagen.

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The most popular attractions in Malmo:
  • St. Peter Church
  • Turning Torso
  • Malmo Museer
  • Town Hall
  • Lilla Torg
  • Malmohus
  • Rooseum
  • Synagogue
Railway stations in Malmo:

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