Kolobrzeg - train ticketsOne of the oldest settlements of the Western Pomerania dates back to IX century! In the year 1000 king Boleslaw Chrobry founded the Pomerania Bishopric. Due to its strategic location Kolobrzeg was fought for by Russian and German forces within centuries till finally in 1945 Poland Wed to the Sea. From that period on, the city focuses on the tourism and spa founded there in 1976. Thanks to which it is a holiday capital of the Western Pomerania. The most interesting tourist attractions of Kolobrzeg are: the old town, where XIII century old street network prevailed until today, its history is also visible, among others in: St Mary’s Basilica or Gunpowder Turret. Kolobrzeg belongs to the European Gothic Brick Route consisting of Baltic states historically connected with Hanseatic League. The most popular strolling place is the reinforced concrete pear measuring 220 meters (!) and the lighthouse, part of the Brandenburg Kolobrzeg Bastion from which spreads the magnificent view over the bay and the Wedding to the Sea Monument.

Train to Kolobrzeg

The Kolobrzeg train history reaches back to the XIX century where the railways were erected joining Kolobrzeg with Gdansk and Szczecin. Nowadays from Kolobrzeg you may travel to major cities such as Koszalin, Szczecin, Gdansk, Lodz, Poznan, Wroclaw, Warsaw and Cracow.

How to book train ticket online

The train tickets booking and purchasing online as well as the train PKP Intercity (Polish Railways) timetables, Pendolino and TLK (Local Trains) may be acquired on  PolishTrains.eu

The most popular attractions in Kolobrzeg:
  • The Old Town
  • The Gunpowder Turret
  • Lighthouse (Kolobrzeg Bastion)
  • The Pear
  • The Wedding to the Sea Monument
  • The Gothic Town Hall
  • Polish Arms Museum
  • The Assumption of the Holy Virgin Mary Basilica
  • Hortulus Theme Gardens
Railway stations in Kolobrzeg:

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