Train to OlsztynThe capital and the largest city of the warmińsko-mazurskie voivodship. It attracts sailing and nature lovers every year. The vast wildlife and the lakes make it attractive both for weekend trips as well as the longer stay. Numerous historical buildings will definitely catch the eye of every history and architecture lover. The Olsztyn hallmark is the XIV century Olsztyn Bishop Headquarter Castle (Zamek Kapituły Warmińskiej). The castle used to be the Nicolai Copernicus residence! Nowadays you may admire numerous items once belonging to the famous astronomer, including the astronomical table hand-made by Copernicus. Additionally, in the Warmia and Mazury Museum you may see artifacts and art of the region. To the Old Town you will get through the Gothic High Gate, one of the three Medieval gates preserved to this day. Travelling along the cobbled stone street you will get to the market, surrounded by numerous historical buildings, where in the heart of it you will come across the Old Town Hall. Once nearby, it is worth to visit the old Fish Market and see the unique mosaic fish-shaped in the square. You may also taste the local, masuria cuisine. Olsztyna has a lot to offer for the nature lovers, too. It hosts the largest in Europe forest within the city borders. The vast forest area is located in the vicinity of the city centre and hosts numerous footpaths and cycle paths. Within the city borders, there are 16 lakes, the largest is the Ukiel lake. The lake is facilitated with sport and leisure centre as well as the swimming pool. Due to the vast  popularity in summer it holds the reach cultural and artistic offer. It holds such events as the Olsztyn Artistic Summer, Olsztyn Green Festival or Olsztyn Blues Nights.

By train to Olsztyn

Olsztyn holds numerous railway stations spread across the city. The largest is the Olsztyn Main Train Station that services connection between Warszawa, Ełk and Poznań, among others. The main Train Station is located aside from the city centre but is well communicated thanks to the tram connection. The passengers travelling by train to Olsztyn may leave at the Olsztyn City Centre station, too.

Train ticket for the train to Olsztyn

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The most popular attractions in Olsztyn:
  • Bishop Headquarter Castle
  • Warmia and Mazury Museum
  • Gothic High Gate
  • Old Town Hall
  • Old Town Hall
Railway stations in Olsztyn:

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