Rotterdam - train ticketsRotterdam is the city located in the western part of Holland featuring the longest seaport in Europe of 40 km long. The city is divided into two parts: Landstad and Weiterstadt. Both parts is separated by the Euromast observation tower, from which spreads beautiful panorama over Rotterdam and what is most peculiar you may see The Hague from it. Most of the landmarks and attractions are located in the city centre or in the vicinity of it. In the city there is the renowned bronze monument – portraying De Verwoest Stadt meaning the Torn City. Rotterdam is the culture centre. In 2001 the city was announced the European Capital of Culture. In Rotterdam, there are several theatres and cinemas. Apart from them, there are other venues where the cultural events are held, like: The International Film Festival, The International Poetry Festival or North Sea Jazz Festival. There are some interesting museums here, like the renowned Maritime Museum of Rotterdam. The city has an offer for the youngest tourists, as well. In the summer time they could sleep in tents in the giraffe park.

Train to Rotterdam

In the Rotterdam city centre there is a railway station. It is one of the largest in Holland. It facilitates direct railway connections to such cities like: Amsterdam, The Hague, Breda, Utrecht, Brussels or Paris.

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The most popular attractions in Rotterdam:
  • Church of St. Lawrence
  • Blaak District
  • Maritime Museum
  • Museum Het Schielandshuis
  • Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen
  • Museum de Dubbelde Palmboom
  • The Old Seaport
  • Euromast observation tower
Railway stations in Rotterdam:

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