Marseille - train ticketsThe extraordinary location of the city in the Provence-Alpes-Azur Coast has a lot to offer and satisfy every whim. Marseille, the one of the greatest harbours in the world attracts people worldwide, thanks to which it is so cosmopolitan. It is the second large city in France, just after the capital, and the oldest one. Interestingly enough it was founded by the Greeks! It was founded around the VI century and called Massalia. To understand its history better it is worth visiting the Marseille Museum. Visiting the Old Port area, still operational for 2600! Its location on the Mediterranean Sea makes it a perfect place for all sunbathing and sailing fans.

To Marseilles  by train

The historic building of the Marseilles – Saint-Charles railway station dates back to the XIX century and its architecture and richly carved stairs impress, connecting the city center. Marseilles is well communicated with other French cities thanks to TGV fast trains that will take you from Paris to Nice. T

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The most popular attractions in Marseille:
  • d’If Castle
  • The Old Port
  • La Vieille Charite
  • Cathedral of the Virgin Mary
  • Longchamp Palace
  • Phare de Sainte Marie - Lighthouse
  • The Marseille History Museum
Railway stations in Marseille:

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