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The capital of zachodniopomorskie voivodeship and the third large city in Poland. Due to the fact that the city is located on the Baltic Sea and on the Oder River, the city bears harbour facilities and is an important economical centre. Szczecin, as the historical part of Pomerania was interchangeably captured by the Poles and then by the Prussians, featuring and creating an important commercial centre at the same time, was in the Atlantic hans group. All those influences can be observed at present in the architectural shape of the city. The most interesting monument of Szczecin is the Castle of the Pomeranian Dukes, the former residence of the dukes from the house of Pomeranian Griffiths that dates back to the Slavic times, located on the high hill, or the impressive Chrobry embankment from which you may observe the Oder river panorama or the Szczecin Bay view. Contemporary Szczecin is famous worldwide for its shipyards and the ongoing Szczecin maritime schools tradition such as Maritime Academy.

Train to Szczecin

The main railway station in Szczecin used to be called Berlin Station and was erected in 1843 on the initiative of the Construction Committee of the Berlin-Szczecin Railway, initiating the railway history in Pomerania. Nowadays, the station connects the greatest Polish city such as Warsaw, Cracow, Kolobrzeg, Pila, Lodz or Poznan. The most important connection is the Szczecin - Berlin train running frequently and servicing the commuters from Szczecin to Berlin, the workers in particular. The train tickets and the timetable are available through the

The most popular attractions in Szczecin:
  • The Castle of the Pomeranian Dukes
  • Turzyn
  • Maiden Tower
  • The Chrobry Embankment
  • Haymarket (Rynek Sienny)
  • Pazim
  • Szczecin Underground Routes
  • The Museum of Technology and Transport
Railway stations in Szczecin:

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