Lodz - train ticketsThe city has got the factory origins from the German investors period and large textile plants. Explosive expansion and industrialisation of Lodz occurred in the Kingdom of Poland period and the second part of the XIX century. The atmosphere and the mood of those days is well portrayed in the film adaptation by Wladyslaw Raymond Ziemia Obiecana (Promised Land) when Lodz was compared to the then Manchester. The face of Lodz changed during the World War II and the communism period afterwards. The great factories bankrupted and the city faced the question of its identity. Contemporary Lodz relies on the modern technologies, IT technologies and creative industry. Thanks to these it has become an important economical centre of the country, once again. The former plant buildings were adopted to the modern lofts, modern art galleries and recreation areas. You may still see the former industrial Lodz in the Central Textiles Museum and the Museum of the City of Lodz. The identity of the city come from the Film Academy, as well, where studied such great directors as Andrzej Wajda or Roman Polanski. The Stars Avenue of the Lodz Walk of Fame at the Piotrowska Street in the city centre consisting of heavy brass stars with the film artists names on them relate to that identity as well.

Train to Lodz

The most important Lodz railway station is Łódź Fabryczna train station. Founded in the XIX century and profoundly modernised in 2016 constituting integral part of the New Lodz Centre awarded the the premium category. Centralised location of Lodz makes it perfectly accessible from other part of the country. You may travel to Warsaw, Gdansk, Katowice, Cracow, Szczecin and many others.

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The most popular attractions in Lodz:
  • Manufaktura shopping centre
  • Textiles Museum
  • Judes Cemetery
  • Księży Młyn district
  • Lodz Walk of Fame
  • Herbst Palace
  • Lodz Palm House
Railway stations in Lodz:

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