Thalys train tickets onlineThalys is a high-speed train that offers connections between France (Paris), Belgium, Netherlands and Germany. In total it reaches 17 biggest cities in this part of Europe. Thanks to fast connection the travel from Paris to Brussels takes only 90 minutes.

What is more, Thalys trains depart with a great frequency offering up to several dozen daily connections on selected routings. The first Thalys connection was launched in the late 90s. The network of connections is constantly expanding and new destinations such as Cologne, Essen, Dusseldorf airport are being added.

Similar to TGV and Eurostar, Thalys trains also offer different booking classes – the first and second. Both classes offer very high standard of travel – comfortable seats, air conditioning , restaurant coaches and buffets. Moreover the first class is also equipped with single seats with foldable tables and the travelers have access to free newspapers, food and drinks.

First class
First class - option 'Le Salon'
Second class

Gives passenger access to VIP lounges at selected stations, comfortable seats that can be reclined, free internet access , power sockets, food and drinks included in the price of the ticket.

Thalys - train tickets online

Allows passengers to book a private compartment for four passengers.

Thalys - time schedule

Gives passenger 256 seats. Travelers can use buffet. The Internet access is free in some tariffs.

The night trains offer passengers the possibility of booking compartments with beds, couchettes and reclinable seats. You can find out more about tariffs of night trains in the article Travel by night.

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