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PolishTrains groups the greatest Polish and European carriers offers. The service allows the railways connection browsing, consulting the trains timetables or booking and purchasing the railway tickets online for national, international connections.

The terms and conditions describes the details of booking and online ticket purchasing, ticket and invoice issuing, payment for the railway ticket as well as the refund and return of the purchased ticket conditions.

Detailed principals describing conditions and tariffs of the carriers:


Intercity terms and conditions

The terms and conditions of persons, things and animals transport by PKP Intercity, types of tickets, types of discounts, general principles of the train tickets sell, seat booking, use the cuisine cars, things and animals transport by train.

National Polish and international connections: Germany, Czech, Russia, Ukraine, Slovacia, Hungary

Applies to trains: Intercity, Pendolino, TLK

Deutsche Bahn terms and conditions

Booking and purchasing the train tickets online, the payment for the online tickets, terms and conditions of person and things transport, the ticket refund and return, types of discounts for the train, the passenger rights

German and international connections: Austria, Belgium, Czech, Croatia, France, Hungary, Italy, England, Switzerland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Poland

Applies to trains: ICE ( Intercity- Express), ICE Spinter, IC (Intercity), EC (Eurocity), IRE (Interregio-Express (IRE), Regional-Express (RE)

Eurostar terms and conditions

The Eurostar terms and conditions, ticket purchase and booking for the Eurostar train, travelling principles at Eurostar, ticket control, tariffs, types of ticket discounts, types of cars, required passenger personal data, railway connection search, Eurostar train stations, the ticket refund and return principles for the Eurostar trains

International railway connections: England, France, Holland

Applies to trains: Eurostar

Thalys terms and conditions

Booking and purchasing the Thalys tickets, booking options, return, exchange and complaint, tariffs, luggage and animals principals transport on Thalys trains, children facilities on the go, passenger transport principals, check-in principals at the railway station.

International railway connections: France, Belgium, Holland

Applies to trains: Thalys

TGV terms and conditions

TGV terms and conditions, ticket purchase and booking online principals, discounts and tariffs, TGV railway stations, TGV platforms, group travels, TGV train conveniences, ticket check-in, TGC service, luggage and animals transport principals, TGV railway ticket payment methods

International railway connections: Belgium, Germany, Spain, Italy

Applies to trains: TGV

SNCF terms and conditions

SNCF  terms and conditions of sale and booking of the train tickets, return, exchange and claims online, SNFC trains, travelling conditions, group travels, inpaired people facilities, animals and bikes transport on SNFC trains, trains SNFC, laguage transport on SNFC trains, types of trans, night trains.

Railway international connections and to France: France, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Holand, England

Applies to trains: TGV INOUI, Intercites, TER, THalys, TGV, OUigo, Eurostar

RENFE terms and conditions

The terms and conditions of sell and booking the Renfe railway tickets, train tickets, Renfe tariffs, Renfe discount cards, discounts and promotions for Renfe ticket purchase, luggage transport, animals transport, bicycles transport, Renfe train types, high-speed railways, Renfe on-train facilities, return, exchange and cancelation of the Renfe tickets, Spain pass, transport of agglomeration railway, local and long-distance Renfe trains

Spanish national and international connections: Spain, France, Portugal

Applies to trains: AVE, Alvia, Euromed, Trenhotel, Talgo, Cercanias

Trenitalia terms and regulations

Online tickets sale and purchase principals, ticket online payment methods, types of the train connections, seat booking , classes types and facilities, restaurant car, local Italian trains, round trip, Trenitalia weekend tariffs, types of train discounts, family discounts, night trains, high-speed trains in Italy, cartafreccia, train tickets return and exchange.

Italian national and international connections: Austria, France, Germany, Switzerland

Applies to trains: Espresso, Intercity i Intercity Night, Frecciabianca, high-speed Frecciarossa i Frecciargento

Ceskie Drahy

Types of railway connections, train tickets sale and booking online, types of train tickets and discounts, rules for traveling by train, types of trains in Czech Republic, types of classes on the train, travelling facilities, group tickets, bicycle transport on the train, animals transport on the train, travelling with children, international connections.

Czech national and international connections: Poland, Germany

Applies to trains: Pendolino, InterCity, EuroCity, EuroNight, SuperCity, Railjet

Ukrainian Railways terms and conditions

Booking and train ticket purchase, type of the train ticket payment online, documents required on the go, types of train classes, types of cars, night train travelling, berth cars, train travelling principals, train ticket control, train travelling discounts, kids discounts, train stations, train connection search, train ticket cancelation and exchange, train travelling tariffs and principals, animals transport, luggage transport.

Ukrainian national and international connections: Poland, Russia

Applies to trains: Pociągi regionalne, Intercity +, Nocny Ekspres

Regulations of other carriers