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Bernina Express - szwajcarskie passy
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Wilhelm Tell Express - szwajcarska kolej panoramiczna
Wilhelm Tell Express: panoramic train trips
An article is being translated - see the original one on our polish domain EuroPodroze!
Train du Chocolat - szwajcarska kolej panoramiczna
GoldenPass: The chocolate train
The Chocolate train runs between Montreux and the Cailler-Nestle chocolate factory in Broc. The panoramic train runs in summer time, between May and October. You cannot visit Switzerland and not try one of the country specialite - chocolate. The panoramic train, and the Train du Chocolat in particular are the utter must while visiting Switzerland. Not only for the chocolate lovers, of course.
Cheese Train - koleją panoramiczna przez Szwajcarię
Cheese expedition by panoramic train
Switzerland is a beautiful country with lots of tourist attractions. The best way to sightsee it is by one of many panoramic trains. The panoramic trains are designed in such a way that you could watch and admire changing landscape outside. Travelling by those trains is extremely versatile and could be a great adventure.
Pre-Alpine Express - Koleją panoramiczna przez Szwajcarię
Discover a different Switzerland with a panoramic train
Switzerland is not only over 4000 m high peaks and deep, steep gorges. It has also more beautiful and smother face of the country that is worth visiting. To do that, you may choose to travel by panoramic train - Pre-Alpine Express, which will take you to smooth, picturesque, and wavy hills and blossoming orchards of Switzerland.
Glacier Express - koleją panoramiczna przez Szwajcarię
By panoramic train through the Alps
The Glacier Express is one of the most magnificent panoramic railway route in the world. Undoubtedly, there is a faster way of travelling than by Glacier Express (top speed equals 40 km/h), however, there is no comparison to the experience that you witness in every minute of your journey. The Alpine panoramic train journey, called the slowest express of the world, lasts nearly 8 hours.
GoldenPass - koleją panoramiczna przez Szwajcarię
"Golden" train journey around Switzerland
An article is being translated - see the original one on our polish domain EuroPodroze!
Bernina Express - koleją panoramiczna przez Szwajcarię
A picturesque journey by train
The interesting offer for the travel lovers, far from the tourist routes, is the panoramic train travel. One is certain: It is different than others! It is an offer for those who would like to experience incredible and fascinating adventure, and enjoy the views at the same time. The Bernina Express runs through the most picturesque routes of the continent.
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