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Glacier Express - podróż trasą panoramiczną

Panoramic rail through the Alps
Published: 20/04/2017

Glacier Express

The Glacier Express is one of the most magnificent panoramic railway route in the world. Undoubtedly, there is a faster way of travelling than by Glacier Express (top speed equals 40 km/h), however, there is no comparison to the experience that you witness in every minute of your journey. The Alpine panoramic train journey, called the slowest express of the world, lasts nearly 8 hours.

The route starts in Zermatt and reaches as far as St. Moritz in Switzerland. The route runs along the Swiss narrow gauge railway. The train goes through meadows and mountain passes, past the stone castles. Crossing 291 bridges and 91 tunnels, goes through mountainous virgin landscapes, exclusive resorts, deep gorges and beautiful valleys.

Glacier Express - visiting Switzerland by train
Glacier Express - visiting Switzerland by train

The Glacier Express launched its first run from Zermatt to St. Moritz and back on the 25th of June 1930. The oldest part of the contemporary route is the rack and pinion train railway Visp – Zermatt. It was commissioned after 3 years of difficult construction in 1891.

Around 250 thousand travellers choose to travel by Glacier Express, every year. The panoramic train travels are so popular during the summer time that you need to book your seat much earlier in advance

You board the train in Zermatt, located at the Matterhorn mountain foot (4478 m a.s.l.). From here you travel along the Swiss great resorts. They attract tourists that travel in the slow motion and are enchanted by the scenery. The Glacier Express passes the small town of Visp and reaches Brig located on the Rodan bank and Saltina, its tributary. There you may enjoy the view of the Stockalper castle.

Glacier Express  - panoramic railway in Switzerland
Glacier Express - panoramic railway in Switzerland

Further on the train runs along the Rodan river through the Furka Tunnel to Andermatt. This is an enchanting valley surrounded by mountains. The Express runs on through Grand Swiss Canion and climbs up the Oberalp Pass (2044 m). This is the highest point of that incredible journey. Next, the train runs through the impressive Landwasser overpass over the Albulla valley that creates five round bows. From the overpass, a passenger may enjoy the Landwasser gorge below. Farther on, appears Vorderrhein river. The Glacier Express runs along it until Chur, the oldest town in Switzerland. Afterwards you will reach St. Moritz, the Swiss winter magic land and Alpine tourist cradle. There are as much as a million tourist routes in the heart of the Alps

Apart from enjoying the mountainous versatile views you may visit the restaurant car. It is decorated in an elegant manner. The friendly staff makes it even more unique place to be.

Glacier Express - train ticket
Glacier Express - by train via Switzerland

It is worth adding that the train runs along numerous twists and loops that increases the level of your experience. The Glacier Express passes such tunnels as: Butzen 207 m long, Biel 284 m long or Rufen 300 m long - the longest tunnel in the route.

The Glacier Express journey means constantly altering landscapes and high emotions. All that in the highest European mountains - Alps. To travel on this train is an every travelers’ dream. What is more, it is possible to make it come true!

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