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Bernina Express - journey along the panoramic route

Swiss panoramic railway
Published: 21/03/2017

Sightseeing journey - panoramic train

The interesting offer for the travel lovers, far from the tourist routes, is the panoramic train travel. One is certain: It is different than others! It is an offer for those who would like to experience incredible and fascinating adventure, and enjoy the views at the same time. The Bernina Express runs through the most picturesque routes of the continent.

By train through the Alps

One of the most comfortable and the best managed train network is situated in Switzerland. The most important point of travelling in the country is along the picturesque panoramic routes. What makes the Swiss trains so extraordinary, not mentioning punctuality and incredible travel comfort, above all visibility thanks to large, panoramic windows and partial glass roofs.

Bernina Express - visiting Switzerland by train
Bernina Express - the Swiss railway system

Thanks to the panoramic trains you may enjoy the charm of Swiss Alps in an unusual way. During the journey one may enjoy the view of mountains, glaciers, valleys, lakes and beautifully winding rivers. The information about those beautiful views may be received in various languages through headphones that every passenger will find in their seats. One is certain. The trains reach the most incredible areas. There are faster ways of travelling, no doubts there. But the pace in this example is not the most important, but the views that you experience while travelling.

Bernina Express - panoramic railway in Switzerland
Bernina Express - railway connections in Switzerland

The Swiss are undoubtedly the nation of perfectionists. They always look after the details. It is no different this time. For the passenger convenience you may deposit your luggage and take it back at your destination. After you ensure your belongings are in the good hands enter the Bernina Express immediately. And then your incredible journey starts.

The Bernina Express

The Bernina Express route has been appreciated by the World Culture and Environment Heritage committee UNESCO, labeling it the most spectacular one in the world. The line was launched a hundred years ago.

Chur - St.Moritz - Bernina Pass - Poschiavo - Tirano route runs through over 140 km of landscapes that change from time to time as a caleidoscope. Starting from eternal glacier in the Bernina mountain range through the vineyard Valtellina valley and finishing in warm and sunny Tirano. On its journey the trains runs through 55 tunnels (including the longest and the highest one in the Alps, 1778 m a.s.l., the 6-kilometer long Albula tunnel) and crosses 196 bridges.

Bernina Express - train ticket
Bernina Express - by train via Switzerland

During its 4-hour journey, the train cuts the Swiss Alps into two, due to which it is called the most beautiful connection between the cold north and warm south. At the beginning of its journey the train passes the huge Morteratsch glacier (3751m a.s.l.). The travel lovers claim that journey between Chur (the oldest town in Switzerland) and St. Moritz is the most spectacular train route in the world. There are also the overpasses, the arch Ladwasser in particular.

The train climbs the highest Bernina Pass (2253 m a.s.l.) that the train took its name from. Then you descend through various twists and turns down to Poschiavo valley so the passengers could admire the lake and the town named the same. It’s not over yet! Who travels on to Tirano, will experience yet another attraction in Brusio. That is the famous round 107 meters long overpass.

Leaving the train at the Tirano station, you finish that fantastic journey. After enjoying your time in the fantastic Italian town you may go back and experience another fantastic panoramic journey.

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