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Manage your bookings all on your own

Published: 2020/03/13
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As portal, we prioritize comfort – try out our Customer Dashboard: your bookings overview together with easy buying, exchange and return options. Be mobile and travel with us around Poland and Europe – your ticket will always be within reach on your smartphone.

Manage your bookings all on your own!

Customer Dashboard is a solution designed for people who value clarity, mobility and their time. Creating an account takes only a few minutes and it provides an easy and constant access to your current and previous railway tickets bought at the portal. What benefits can the signed in customers expect? Above all, an easy access to all their tickets in one place. Access to the current tickets provides possibility of an automatic return or a quick exchange of PKP tickets. The bookings history offers a clear overview of previous railway tickets purchases and speeds up the upcoming online reservations.

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Even faster booking

The account on the portal allows to create passenger and payer profiles. All it takes is to fill out the data such as name of the main passenger, type of discount, preferred seating and type of carriage once and assign them to your personalized Passenger Profile. Moreover, you can create several profiles and choose them for each travel. The Customer Dashboard is also a great solution for the business clients who need an invoice for their tickets. Creating a Payer Profile allows for saving the data of the company and then conveniently using them while booking the tickets for various passengers. Thanks to the saved profiles, online booking of the railway tickets is even easier and it does not require providing the details all over again!

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All your bookings in one place

By creating an account, you receive a Customer Dashboard, thanks to which you are provided with an easy access to all your bookings in one place. You can manage them conveniently, check the travel details and display the current ticket on your phone – no need to print or wait in a queue! Thanks to an easy access to all your current and previous PKP tickets on your phone, you can enjoy the freedom of travelling and manage your bookings wherever you are!


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