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The Client Panel – Feel the freedom of travelling!
Published: 2020/03/13
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Convenience in is imporatnat for us – try the Client Zone. The booked travels view, purchase, exchange and ticket return possibility always at your hand on your smart device. Be mobile and travel with

Manage your bookings independently

The Client Panel has been created for those who value simplicity, mobility and time. It takes a few seconds to create your own account and grants simple and constant access to recent and historical train tickets purchased online at What benefits result from being a registered user of Most of all the simplified to all your ticket access in one place. Recent bookings access grants the possibility of the automatic tickets return as well as swift PKP tickets exchange. The history view grants simplified and easy tickets view from earlier purchases and shortens the booking time of the future bookings performed online.  

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Much faster bookings

The Client Panel account of the lets you create the passengers and payers profiles. All you need to do is to enter your personal data like name and surname of the major passenger, type of discount, preferred seat or the car type and connect them to your personalized Passenger Profile. What is more, you may multiply the accounts and use them depending on your needs or travel variant. The Client Panel is the perfect solution for business passengers as well, who need an invoice to be issued on their tickets. By creating the Payer Profile you may save your company data for an invoice, and then use it when booking other passengers. Thanks to the saved profiles, the train ticket purchase online is simplified and does not require to retype those data in!

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All bookings in one place

Signing in to the Client Panel grants you access to all your bookings in one place. You may manage them easily, see your travels details and display the recent ticket on your smart device – without printing and queueing! Once you have access to all your recent and historical PKP tickets on your phone you may enjoy the freedom of travelling and manage your bookings wherever you are!


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