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Polish cities you have to visit in Poland!
Published: 2019/04/04
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Sightseeing by Polish train!

Polish towns and cities may as well be your holiday destination or weekend trip. Multitudes of monuments, interesting history as well as richness of architecture are the reasons for such cities like Warsaw, Cracow, Wroclaw, or Gdansk to be a must on every tourist list.

Comfortable and swift communications among them that not only let you through a city centre but also skips the traffic jams when entering a city. You will forget about busy parking lots and enjoy the views from the train window. Which Polish cities are the most adored by tourists and how to get there?

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Train to Cracow

Cracow is at the top of that list. No doubts there, as it is the royal city! Located on the Vistula river the Wawel hill with the Royal Castle, the Old Town area with the Main Market, old Jewish district Kazimierz or renowned and valued worldwide Jagiellonian University – these are merely some reasons for visiting Krak Settlement. The others are numerous cafés, pubs, museums as well as music and theatre festivals offering a diversified cultural program. The Main Railway Station is located in the city centre. You will reach the Main Market within 10 minutes by choosing the train, where you should start your sightseeing. From Cracow you will get to Wieliczka and Oswiecim or Zakopane with ease by train – or other exciting places in the region. Cracow offers great connections with other cities in Poland as well. You may see them below:

Warszawa Kraków od 42 zł Kraków Warszawa od 37 zł
Warszawa Wieden od 128 zł Wroclaw Warszawa od 45 zł
Warszawa Berlin od 120 zł Kraków Warszawa od 42 zł
Warszawa Praga od 478 zł Berlin Warszawa od 120 zł
Warszawa Gdańsk od 37 zł Wieden Warszawa od 128 zł


Train to Warsaw

The capital of Poland was built from scratch after the World War II damages. Nowadays it shines with the old town, the renovated Royal Castle, post socialist wide streets full of fashionable cafes and inns and modern blocks of flats worth European metropolises. It is worth ascending the top floor of the Culture and Science Palace to enjoy the city panorama located on the Vistula River. At the foot of the palace the most important Polish railway station, The Central Railway Station is located. From there you may travel to Wilanow, Kampinos Forest and Polish lake region, Masuria – these are the best for weekend unwind. To Warsaw you may travel from nearly all major cities in Poland like Cracow, Katowice or Wroclaw. From the capital city you may travel, among others: Poznan, Wroclaw, Gdansk or Berlin and Moscow.


Warsaw Cracow from PLN 42 Cracow Warsaw from PLN 37
Warsaw Vienna from PLN 128 Wroclaw Warsaw from PLN 45
Warsaw Berlin from PLN 120 Cracow Warsaw from PLN 42
Warsaw Prague from PLN 478 Berlin Warsaw from PLN 120
Warsaw Gdansk from PLN 37 Vienna Warsaw from PLN 128

Train to Gdansk

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Gdansk, the capital of the Pomeranian voivodeship, together with Gdynia and Sopot create the renowned Tricity. The white sand Baltic Sea beaches, numerous monuments, the impressive in size port and the shipyard, and the role that the city played in the Solidarity strikes lure tourists from all over the world, every year. The city hosts the greatest worldwide international amber fair Amberif. The Main Railway Station is in the vicinity of the historical part of the city. From there you may travel across the coast to such place like Sopot, Kolobrzeg or Hel. To Gdansk you may travel from every part of the country even from the most remote capital of the mountains – Zakopane!


Gdansk Poznan from PLN 44 Warsaw Gdansk from PLN 45
Gdansk Wroclaw from PLN 49 Cracow Gdansk from PLN 56
Gdansk Warsaw from PLN 45 Wroclaw Gdansk from PLN 49
Gdansk Cracow from PLN 56 Poznan Gdansk from PLN 44
Gdansk Szczecin from PLN 46 Zakopane Gdansk from PLN 76

Train to Wroclaw

It is said to be the most beautiful city in Poland next to Cracow and Gdansk. Wroclaw is perfect for the weekend unwind. All the monuments are condensed in the city centre close to each other that let you to visit much in a short time. The city landmarks are the Town Hall located in the Wroclaw market and the Leopoldin’s Hall – the most important monument of the Baroque secular art in Poland. To unwind, make your way towards Slodowa Island located on the Oder River. Situated in the city centre, the island is the recreation grounds as well as the musical events venue. The railway station is located in the city centre, as well. It connects countrywide, among others, Katowice, Warsaw, Gdansk, Poznan or Szczecin as well as the international destinations. To Wroclaw you may travel from, among others Prague, Dresden or Berlin.

Wroclaw Cracow from PLN 40 Warsaw Wroclaw from PLN 46
Wroclaw Warsaw from PLN 46 Cracow Wroclaw from PLN 40
Wroclaw Poznan from PLN 31 Poznan Wroclaw from PLN 31
Wroclaw Gdansk from PLN 49 Katowice Wroclaw from PLN 49
Wroclaw Katowice from PLN 33 Gdansk Wroclaw from PLN 33

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