How to safely travel by train during COVID-19?

How to travel safely during the COVID-19 pandemic
Published: 2022/03/18
Category: Trips

The COVID-19 pandemic makes us take special precautions during travelling by public transport. They apply both to the travel conditions of carriers and the behaviour of travellers during the pandemic. In this article, we present the most important rules of safe travels during the pandemic.

jak bezpiecznie podróżowac w covid-19

Public transport (including trains) is governed by numerous legal regulations, including ordinances of the Council of Ministers and guidelines of the Chief Sanitary Inspector. They help organise the carrier’s work more effectively and allow interested people to travel. How to plan and have a safe train trip? Read a short guide below.

1. Plan a trip in advance.
Planning a trip in advance allows you to earn a certainty that everything will go as you want. Carriers receive then information on what trains are the most popular among travellers. It helps them to prepare their offer effectively to guarantee safe travels.

2. Buy a ticket online
Social distancing is one of the crucial rules of prevention from COVID-19. Buying a ticket online allows you to avoid waiting in a queue at a ticket office, and it’s easier to you to maintain a safe distance. If you decide to buy a ticket traditionally, try to choose cashless payment methods.

3. Cover your mouth and nose
Remember about covering your mouth and nose as well. Trains, platforms and train stations are public places, so abiding by these restrictions is mandatory. Sneeze or cough into your elbow or cover your mouth and nose with a tissue. You will set a good example and guarantee safety for you and other travellers.

4. Sanitise your hands
In trains and at train stations, there are dispensers with sanitisers. Using a sanitiser is crucial because we touch surfaces potentially covered in viruses all the time. During your trip, avoid touching your mouth, nose, and eyes.

5. Maintain a distance
If it’s possible, maintain a distance from others. It decreases the risk of virus transmission.

6. Food and drinks during a trip
Special safety precautions are in restaurant carriages in trains as well. You should cover your mouth and nose, but you can take your mask off if you sit at a sanitised table. Before entering the restaurant carriage, you need to sanitise your hands.

7.  Assess your well-being

If you don’t feel well, have fever, cough or other flu-like symptoms, stay at home – it’s safer to change your trip to another time.

If you travel following the rules above, you can be sure that you are safe. Have a safe trip, and stay in good health!

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