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Published: 2020/03/13
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Ideas for the train journey!

Do you know that Europe is covered by the modern railway network, reaching over 20,000 cities in various countries? It is the number of travelling possibilities beyond imagination! If you plan to travel by train and you need an inspiration …. than you may be interested in our travel ideas! On the website you will come across, among others, descriptions of modern fast trains, travelling inspirations like travel recipes across the European cities, visiting scenarios of each of them as well as the spectacular routes descriptions of Swiss panoramic railways . If you do not wish to limit yourself to a single country then read some proposals for “”Eurotrips”across the european capitals as well as familiarise yourself with interesting traveling solutions like Interrail ticket.Thanks to the read you will learn the key information on practical and convenient ways of travelling by rail in Poland and Europe and you will plan your dream journey easily.

Trains in Poland

Where and what is worth seeing

In the travelling season lasts all year round! Therefore, we have prepared an inspirational choice of the most interesting travelling directions by train that are in the Travel Directions tab. You will not only find the European cities attractions, but also the prices of the most popular connections and the practical prompts of how to travel by train in Poland and Europe as well as the train ticket purchase online. Readable and schematic destination division according to the country enables you to find your dream destination in attractive prices.

Ticket to Warsaw

How to get there by train

You have already chosen your destination but you cannot see the starting point nor how to start it? No worries – under every inspiration you will find examples of connections between the chosen cities and other destinations in Poland and Europe. You may also use our search engine or contact with our Travel Consultants that will help you to plan your train trip. It often occurs that train is the great asset to your plane journey. Arriving to or from the airport as well as the possibility to travel freely between cities of the region of Europe allows you to see more in one go!

Foreign carriers

We offer the fast and modern trains trips. A ride on such a train is an attraction in itself – enabling you to admire the landscape, while travelling at 350 km/h in comfortable conditions. Travelling by train grants mobility and therefore allows you to see more. One of the most popular connections is the Eurostar connecting London and Paris, thanks to which you may visit two capitals in a single weekend! The TGV allow you to travel fast across France, the Thalys trains connect Belgian, Dutch and French cities, the ICE and Deutsche Bahn trains allow for convenient travels across Germany, the Frecciargento , Frecciarossa and Frecciabianca fast trains, on the other hand, enable you to visit historical cities of Italy.

Polish Railways

A tailor made journey 

Our aim is to simplify independent train travel planning as much as possible and the online train ticket purchase. Therefore, any information about online train tickets booking, train connection search and travel planning was placed in the HELP tab. However, if you still need help and you have not found any offer of your interest, or planning a group travel – we are here to help! All you need to do is to contact via contact form or via phone – we will help to plan your dream train journey by preparing individual offer and will answer any question you may wish to ask.

Trains in Poland

Travel planning help

Our advisors are available 7 days a week, including weekends! You may contact us via phone or via email – we will be more than happy to help you prepare your journey. Our aim is to help you schedule your train journey both in Poland and abroad worldwide, therefore our advisors speak foreign languages. We will answer all you questions and help you to plan your train journey in Polish, English and Russian.

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