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Pre-Alpine Express - journey along the panoramic route

Visiting Switzerland with a panoramic train
Published: 10/05/2017

Pre-Alpine Express

Switzerland is not only over 4000 m high peaks and deep, steep gorges. It has also more beautiful and smother face of the country that is worth visiting. To do that, you may choose to travel by panoramic train - Pre-Alpine Express, which will take you to smooth, picturesque, and wavy hills and blossoming orchards of Switzerland. The Pre-Alpine Express does not run on hills, but along their slopes and flat surfaces. Hence the name - Pre-Alpine Express

Travelling in Switzerland

Throughout the ages Switzerland was an inaccessible, mountainous stronghold hard to conquer. Mainly, thanks to its location its independence was well protected. When the Napoleonic army crossed the St. Bernard pass in 1800, it was considered a proof of great talent and courage.

Pre-Alpine Express - visiting Switzerland by train
Pre-Alpine Express - journey along the panoramic route

Even then crossing Switzerland was considered, especially in winter, as highly risky. Now, the beauty of the country may be visited in various ways, also by the panoramic train. One of such trains is the Pre-Alpine Express.

Pre-Alpine Express

The Pre-Alpine Express travel is one of the most pleasant ways to travel. It give you the opportunity to discover the new face of Switzerland.

Pre-Alpine Express  - panoramic railway in Switzerland
Pre-Alpine Express - panoramic railway in Switzerland

The Pre-Alpine train offers the unique travel from east to central part of Switzerland. The train passes through the Old Town in St. Gallen, where the famous Abbey Library is located. Next, the train runs through the highest railway bridge in Switzerland (located at 99 m) reaching the neighbouring canton - Appenzell - featuring specific landscape and impressive mountain range.

Pre-Alpine Express - train ticket
Pre-Alpine Express - by train via Switzerland

By train in Switzerland

Through the panoramic windows a passenger may admire wavy hills and virgin villages, when the train passes the idyllic area of Toggenburg, the mountain range peaks of Churfirsten are the enchanting background. The next stop is Rapperswil with its wonderful Old Town and the view over the Lake Zurich. The journey finishes after almost 2-hour run in the historical centre of Lucerna, on the eastern bank of Lake Lucerne at the foot of Pilatus mountain. This is the worldwide famous resort where you may experience a variety of attractions that will end your incredible journey.

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