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Train du Chocolat - journey along the panoramic route

Train du Chocolat - a sweet journey by train
Published: 24/05/2017

Train du Chocolat

The Chocolate train runs between Montreux and the Cailler-Nestle chocolate factory in Broc. The panoramic train runs in summer time, between May and October. You cannot visit Switzerland and not try one of the country specialite - chocolate. The panoramic train, and the Train du Chocolat in particular are the utter must while visiting Switzerland. Not only for the chocolate lovers, of course.

Swiss chocolate route

Switzerland is famous for variety of delicious products, made by the locals for centuries. Presumably, everybody experienced the local chocolat taste that is considered to be the best in the world. The cheeses are almost legendary. How to travel across the country to discover all the secrets? Wouldn’t it the best to board the Swiss Train du Chocolat and experience all these while enjoying the Alpine views? Cheese, chocolate and railway indicate a tourist journey called The Chocolate Train (Train du Chocolat).

The Chocolate Train (Train du chocolat)

Train du Chocolat - visiting Switzerland by train
Train du Chocolat - visiting Switzerland by train

The Chocolate Train allows you to plan one-day railway journey on Montreux - Broc - Montreux line stopping in Gruyère. You not only travel in the rhythm of chocolate but also in the rhythm of Swiss cheese. The journey offers visit in the House of Cheese Gruyere, the dukes castle Gruyere with the crane in the crest and Cailler-Nestle chocolate factory in Broc.

Train du Chocolat  - panoramic railway in Switzerland
Journey in the rhythm of chocolate

In the service you will find modern, panoramic car in the second class or Pullmann car where padded with plush seats are installed. With carpets and wooden decor they resemble the Belle Epoque era. Every passenger on the train will feel like an aristocrat from XIX and XX century, for a while.

Gruyere Castle

Montreux is an hour trip by train to Gruyère. Therefore the traveller may enjoy Swiss Highlands and the most magnificent mountain range accompanied by green valleys. Located among the Alpine meadows and Gruyère castle, the cheese dairy invites to discover the secrets of Swiss cheese making. The traveler may observe the Gruyère cheese production through the windows, as well as, experience that incredible taste.

Another part of the journey - in Gruyère castle - eight centuries of history and culture is intertwined. For the building concentrates elements from renaissance, baroque creating the residence with loggias, enchanting courtyard and garden in the French style.

The entirety of the Alpine landscape is complemented by a view of the Vanil Noir (2398 m above sea level).

Train du Chocolat  - train ticket
View of the Vanil Noir peak

After the break for the Gruyère castle sightseeing, the Chocolate Train passengers are transported to Broc. There, yet another pleasures await for the incredible railway passengers. The Chocolate factory. Here you may listen to its history - reaching to the South American cocoa seeds, but most of all you will have an opportunity to taste 30 types of the chocolate available for the visitors.

The journey lasts eight and a half hours. The passenger, leaving the factory takes that unique smell and taste of chocolate with them. The air of Broca is filled with chocolate scent. After such wonderful finish, you may go back to the Broc - Fabrique railway station, where the Train du Chocolat will take you back to Montreux.

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