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AVE - koleje dużych prędkości w Hiszpanii

By train via Spain
Published: 25/04/2017

Spain – travel by train

The travels to Spain are fast and comfortable thanks to the high speed trains. It is the best and the fastest way to commute among the greatest cities of the country. To travel in Spain you may choose to travel on extremely fast trains.

Spain is the most popular country in Europe. It is the third most visited country. Its attractions brings well over 60 million visitors annually. How to travel fast and do the sightseeing in that beautiful country? The answer is simple: by high speed trains.

AVE - Spanish high speed trains

AVE is the fastest trains network in the world. They are TGV French trains alike. The Spanish high speed trains are considered the fastest ones in the world. Apart from the pace and comfort of travelling, the journey is a genuine adventure, where a passenger may admire marvelous landscapes. It runs as fast as 320 km/h.

AVE - Spanish high speed trains
AVE - Spanish high speed trains

Visiting Spain by train

The route between Madrid and Seville (471 km) the trains cover in two hours and thirty minutes. The first train between Madrid and Seville started its journey at the beginning of the 90’s, last century. The fast AVE trains are managed by the Spanish national rail company RENFE. Nowadays, the trains connect the most important economically and touristy cities of Spain: Seville, Malaga, Valencia, Valladolid, Saragossa, Madrid and Barcelona.

You may come across a buffet in every AVE train selling snacks and drinks. All trains are air-conditioned. The trains are impaired and disabled people friendly.

What limitations are there for the luggage? Free: two pieces of luggage and one cabin luggage. The maximum size may not exceed 230 cm (it is the sum of length, width and height).

Madrid, Barcelona, Toledo, Valencia - train travel
The train connections in Spain

AVE - ticket booking

In Spanish trains the following classes of reservations are available:

Second Class (AVE Turista)

The cars has been furnished with comfortable, reclining chairs that provide a delightful journey. Sufficient foot space provides comfort and relax. Each seat is equipped with an electric power supply for your electronic devices. It is possible to book a table seat. For families with children an extra space and games are available.

Second Class Plus (AVE Preferenete)

Apart from any convenience that are offered in the second class, the passengers may enjoy the wider seats. They may order from special menu in the restaurant car and order their meal to their compartment. At the railway stations they may enjoy the lounge halls and free parking (up to 48 h).

First Class (AVE Club)

The AVE Club option is limited to some popular connections. You may enjoy the leather seats in the class cars. High quality meals and wine is included in the ticket price. The train staff will look after any of your whims so you could enjoy the journey. The Club cars are the most luxurious ones in the world.

Timetables for trains in Spain
Spain - time to travel by train

The Spanish railway stations are clean and usually they are the architectural gems. You could choose the national RENFE carrier to travel across Spain. The connection reaches all major cities of the country that makes the journey fast and enjoyable.

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