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It is the third city, when it comes to area in France (just behind Paris and Marseille). The old town is full of monuments reaching the gothic period. In particular, the merchant houses that are preserved in good condition up to this day. The city landscape is a diversification of renaissance buildings decorated with rich stucco. They are located along the streets that create confusing system of secret passageways, stairs and twisting corridors leading to inner courts. Spare one afternoon to engage in those confusing streets with pleasure. Nowadays Lyon has also a lot to offer, modern buildings of the financial district near Part-Dieu are being erected there. The revitalized industrial district Confluence that apart from the old part of the city became the tourist and designers visit destination.

The most popular attractions in Lyon:
  • St. John the Baptist Cathedral
  • Traboules narrow passageways
  • Croix-Rousse district
  • Fourviere Hill
  • St-Irénée church
Railway stations in Lyon:

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