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The capital of Tuscany and the former house of Medici. The city that gave birth to collection and museum movements abounds with the spirit of Renaissance. It will surprise you with its wonders of architectures in every corner such as Santa Maria del Fiore with the Brunelleschi dome (first in the world!) or Ponte Vecchio a.k.a the Bridge of Goldsmiths. It attracts tourists with the worldwide famous Uffizi Gallery founded by the Medici. It is the largest art collection created by such painters as Botticelli, Rafael Santi, Titian or Michelangelo. The name Florence was given by Julius Caesar, who in 59 BC founded a settlement for the former soldiers and named it Florentina, from Latin florus - blooming world. From that moment on Florence blooms constantly making it the most popular visited place in the world.

The most popular Florence attractions:
  • Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral
  • Campanile di Giotto Belfry
  • Ponte Vecchio Bridge
  • Medici Palace
  • Dell'opera del Duomo Museum
  • San Lorenzo Basilica
Railway stations in Florence:

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