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It is one of the most interesting capitals of Europe that has not lost its provincial shape due to the capital status. It is probably due to the landform. Located on the Aare river, the city has composed itself into the river’s twisting features with concentrated architecture. The uniqueness of the city has been proved by enlisting its Old Town, and the centre of the city, onto the World Heritage UNESCO list. Peculiar fact is that most of the buildings were reconstructed in 1405 after the city conflagration that devastated the city, luckily the city prevailed. The citizens’ popular entertainment is rafting down the river until the houses of parliament. It is worth adding that Aare river is renowned for its cleanliness and mountainous character. Bern is strongly connected with Einstein. It is there that the famous physicist created his well-known theory of relativity while living there between 1903-1905. Nowadays you may enjoy an exposition devoted to him in the Einstein Museum.

The most popular attractions in Bern:
  • Bern Cathedral
  • Albert Einstein’s House
  • Bears Caves
  • Bundeshaus
  • The Clock Tower
  • Communication Museum
Railway stations in Bern:

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