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The town is associated with the former Papal residence in the past, in XVI century the city was equal to London or Paris when it comes to popularity. Nowadays, it is an essential Provence cultural centre and the holiday destination of many tourists. The XVI century Papal Palace and the oldest preserved bridge in the world - The d’Avignon Bridge that the Polish singer Marek Grechuta mentions in his song, are the most essential monuments. Nowadays, Avignon, has also a lot of to offer, these are, among others, cultural events. Like the Festival d’Avignon theatre festival held there since 1947 that are street theatre performances - from light forms to serious dramas. Events accompanying the festival are the art fair, where you may purchase festival gadgets, books as well as posters, and alternative film shows held on the streets of the town.

The most popular attractions in Avinion:
  • The Papal Palace
  • Notre Dame des Doms Cathedral
  • Les Remparts defensive walls
  • The d’Avignon Bridge
Railway stations in Avinion:

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